Skincare Routine

Hello!! Summer is here! Which means it’s a perfect time to show you guys what products I use during the summer time since I have more time to actually take care of my skin instead of splashing water in my face and using one cleanser which isn’t that much efficient. I use these products usually […]

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Summer Vacation Checklist:

Hello!! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this year or who are finished with school and finals!! Hurray, you did it! I decided it was about time I dedicated more of my time making some of my bucket list goals come true since I am very good at procrastinating so I decided that it’s time for […]

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May Playlist~

Hello!!  Just as I promised, I am here again telling you about my May Playlist. This is the music that I am currently listening to, in order to keep myself from going wild because of finals… Here are my top 10 bops: (no particular order and once you click on the title it will open another […]

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Mini Rant & Finals

Hello!~ The time comes when all students are stressed and sleep deprived because of the education system we have…well most of us… But you are not alone since I too am suffering like everyone else… Sad Story. Anyways, that’s pretty much the reason why I have been m.i.a last week, but oh boy have my finals […]

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Sweet Cafe Eye Makeup

Hey, Guys! This is my first ever makeup look ever! so if it’s messy…bare with me. I’m currently getting the hang of this haha~ I decided since this is my first time, let me just concentrate on the eyes since that’s the most important feature~ I feel like this is so bad, omg I will make it […]

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