March Playlist~

Hello, Everyone!
I thought of ways on what to write since this will be my official opening for this week, and so I wondered what is the best way to get to know me. I remember how I usually make my friendships are by music and so I decided to write about my mini march playlist! These are songs that range from different types of genres! I have no particular taste so I hope we can connect or enjoy the songs I picked!
(There in no particular order)
Let’s begin!

1. Body //Mino
This song is best to listen to when you want to loosen up, because damn girl! Mino be playing with my feelings!
2. Spring Day //BTS
My boys do wonder here! Like this is aesthetically pleasing to watch and hear! Vocals on point! Seeing them next week!!! I am so excited!
3. She’s Dreaming //EXO
Their voices! Don’t get me started! I love them dearly and this is a very calm and lovely song
4. Never Ever //GOT7
This song just makes you want to get on top of a table and dance!! I saw them live and everything aboutt this song and them is worth watching!!
5Fine // Taeyeon
10/10 her vocals pierce through my heart and I cry! I can relate to this song and it makes me reflect my life choices haha!
6Skin to Skin // Luhan
My handsome boy!!! No words can express how happy I am to see him grow! Such a beautiful song to listen to alone~
7Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time //PATD!
-The title is pretty self-explanatory like that’s me every day haha.
8Heartbeat Slowing Down // All-American Rejects
Boi! Throw me in a pool full of memories already! It’s an oldie but goodie! I love them so much! Like hello? when is the next concert?!
9Missing You // All Time Low
I cried listening to this live and I will still cry listening to this now haha! I love it! 
10The Bird And The Worm // The Used
Woah, this song and music video is pretty wild and deep so definitely check it out if you want to get deep and emotional here.
11Bulls in the Bronx // Pierce the Veil
Another deep music lyric, I love listening to this because of the beats! Listening to this live is so much better, though!
12Shadow Moses // Bring Me The Horizon
I was in a middle of a mosh-pit when I heard them live, send help! But damn his vocals making me go crazy!!! This song is best to listen when you want to create a mosh-pit at home by yourself a.k.a me every day.
13Bailando // Enrique Iglesias
Spanish hits!!! I love my boy! Went to an Enrique phase in high school #noregrets haha! And I’m seeing him live this summer!! I am too pumped!
14Vivir Mi Vida // Marc Anthony
Oooh girl!!! this song is my jam! I want to dance and go crazy! I love the lyrics and his voice so like yesss!!! let’s go crazy!
15. Obsesion   // Aventura
This song is me with BTS haha I’m kidding! But this is another oldie but goodie that I can’t stop listening to!!!

 My songs have a pretty big range and are very different from each other so hopefully you will at least enjoy one song haha! I am excited to share more fun things happening! Spring break has just started for me so I will be active here more! I can’t wait to share stories and ideas to you guys! May you have a wonderful weekend! 
Till next time!!