LA Diary: Day 1 & 2

I had planned to write something last week but I decided to wait on it considering that I went to L.A to go to a concert last week! You will see who it is in the bottom of this page!
Let’s begin!

Day 1:
It was short and nothing exciting really happened. Well, maybe one thing..and that was almost missing the bus! The bus leaves to L.A around 9:30 am and my friend and I decided that we should meet up downtown around 8:30 am to get a ride and leave to the train station. Thing was that once my friend got here, it was 8:40 am and by then we decided to get a ride over there but it would have taken freaking 40 minutes to come get us! So by then we were frustrated and took the bus from downtown to the station and we just made it on time!! It was hectic, I wanted to cry (but like that’s me every day haha) it was nice to know that we made it in though. They let us in and the whole ride was just me complaining how much my butt hurt and how uncomfortable the seats were….we got to L.A around 4:00 pm ! and then we just passed out. Nothing exciting ever happens on day 1 haha~

Day 2:
The next day, we decided to stay at our friend’s dorm which saved us a lot of money and not waste money in a hotel. So four of us in total were cramped in a dorm room, it was a struggle but worth it haha~ Let’s see, what we did on day 2 was pretty much adventurous and we decided to go visit some places that a lot of tourists do. We wanted to live the life of a tourist for a day hehe so the first stop was The Grove. We got around by using Uber all the time hehe. Once we went in the uber car and we went to The Grove, it was pretty much intimidating haha. Not in a bad way but I definitely felt intimidated since I thought I wasn’t dressed for the occasion. The Grove is pretty much a small outside shopping center, if you are looking for brand names and all that then, by all means, check this place out~ It wasn’t much to do there unless you had money to spend haha~ Which we didn’t because saving money for merch hehe. Living the poor life here haha, but anyways it was cute to go over there and take pictures. They had a small trolley which they will pick you up and move you to one side of the store to the other. It was short but cute. Overall this is a very tourist place one needs to go if you have money to spend on clothes! Moving on! Later that day it was around 6 pm we were wondering what to do now considering that we still had time left over and we thought about going to where everyone always goes to when they go to L.A! Urban Lights in LACMA! So we got there around 7 pm and by then it was dark so the lamps were light up! It looked so pretty but when we got, there, the number of people that where there was quite a bit! We just found a place to squeeze in our solo pictures trying not to get other people on the shot hehe~ Once that was done nothing big happened we got tired and just wanted to lay in bed. Though when we got in our uber rider it was fun because we just did a mini karaoke session while she was driving us back to the dorms. Talk about singing to One Direction on our way back haha!! And then we crashed for the night waiting..and excited for what’s about to happen!

These are small things that happened on both days and soon enough I will make the third day longer because I went to the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour!!! I have pictures and my experience on how it was and tips! Talk to you guys soon!