L.A Diary: Day 3

Ooh, I am so excited to tell you guys about my BTS concert experience! It was so much fun! now, this week I have felt so empty and sad because it’s over! But anyways let’s begin!!
Okay, that morning (I went to Day 1 of the concert), my friend and I woke up early since we were excited to just get ready and leave. We had a group chat with other friends who were also going there, one of my friends was going to arrive there around 1. While the other was still driving on her way to the venue. So my friend and I got ready at around 10 am and by 2 pm, we were ready. We were debating to go since it was still “early”, now this is a tip #1: If you are going to a Kpop concert, it is never too early to get to the venue! Trust me!! Okay, we got a message from my friend who was still on her way texting us to leave, so we called an uber and went to Anaheim. It was half an hour to an hour drive, depending on traffic. The Uber drive was pretty fun because all we played were Kpop songs to get ourselves pumped up! The driver might have thought that we were crazy haha! So we arrived there around 2 to almost 3 pm and once we arrived, we realized it was better if arrived here earlier haha. I mean the reason why was because there was a long line to get inside the photo booth from the boys, as well as the merch all being sold out except for the Army Bomb’s (which we ended up being up for the price of $60) but like no regrets haha.unnamedThe good thing though was that we ended up calling our friend who was already here at 1 pm and she let us cut in line and line up for the photo booth! I was worried considering that I have bad luck with things haha so the thing was that you will stick your hand inside a box, you have two choices of color in the balls. One was white which you will just get a photo card, the second was the orange ball, which meant that you will get a photocard and get inside the photo booth to take the pictures. While we were waiting people were handing out banners which we got! When we got closer I ended sticking my hand in and got an orange ball!!! Now for that, you have go on into a different line which was shorter. From there we were just talking and having a good time~ IMG_0006Once I entered the small photo booth, it gave you the option to chose only one of the boys to talk a picture with. It was a tough decision, haha but I decided to choose the one that made me interested in BTS in the first place 🙂 Min Yoongi! It was magical, I almost cried hehe. Throughout the day we just went looking for people who were giving away fan art, banners and much more!

IMG_0003We ended up getting a nice small bundle of stuff! We were waiting in line now to enter which I must bring another tip #2: please bring food. My friend and I were starving but we were too excited that we didn’t pay much attention to it haha luckily we made friends while we were in line and one of the girls had extra food so she practically fed us haha. Take care of your health! I was sick as well so that didn’t help me when I was screaming ahh~
Once we got in, it was kind of hectic haha we got section 406, which is the very top! We were worried that we couldn’t see well but the view was still wonderful and a perfect view to see the rainbow lights!!!
It was a very welcoming environment! Everyone was singing before the concert and dancing haha I loved it! We met so many people and became friends with them really quickly, once the lights go off and everything gets dark is by far my favorite thing in the whole wide world since that’s when everyone screams and then the boys appear!! I cried three times during the whole thing like lol no regrets hahaha!! I’m so embarrassing! But anyway here’s the set list: Spotify Wings Set List . It’s on Spotify, so bless the person who made it, haha!!
C8aZnD1VwAA2ixg (1)
Their stage presence is so captivating and their solos! Like girl, don’t get me started!! I loved everything about it! The energy, the lights, their stage presence! Everything!!
Sadly, once everything came to the end, they thanked us and bowed down, and everyone lost it. Well, I did haha off we exited, it was full of commotion because everyone was trying to leave at the same time. Ahh! We left and went down a few streets since there was a lot of people, we were trying to get a Uber. Guys…. here’s another tip #3: get your ride ready to get there early, but if you are taking an Uber…find a different location away from the event. Considering that you don’t want to pay the price that many had to pay. When my friend and I were ready to order a Uber the price for it was up to $300 dollars!!! It was insane!! We both were shocked and decided to walk farther, away from the crowd and seek shelter since it was very cold outside! We stumbled upon a train station that was close, but the building was open so we chilled inside along with 30+ other girls also waiting for the Uber cost to calm down haha. We felt like abandoned girls haha and we were worried that the price wouldn’t go down, and how we were going to get to the dorms since it’s like almost an hour away! So we sat, chatted and kept on refreshing the pages for Uber or Lyft to get home ahh~ I will never forget my anxiety level at that point but the whole time I was like hmm I miss BTS already haha~ Luckily we were there for almost two hours, unlike other girls, we ended up just paying $20 dollars for the ride. We ended up getting to the dorms safely but somehow I still had energy from everything that just happened haha!
All in all, I would recommend anyone to go any of their concerts or just a Kpop concert overall haha, I remember going to Got7 which was also the same environment that BTS gave. I just crashed and slept on the floor that day haha the next was just sleeping and eating before heading to the bus the next morning. Ew. The good news is that I met a lof of wonderful people both in the concert and in the bus station heading home haha!!! Armies everywhere!
Small Update: I was planning to make this earlier but my post for this disappeared in my drafts, I got a mini panic attack since I thought everything got erased but it ended up re-appearing. Bless! So here you go! Sorry for it being late! Hopefully, when you are reading this you have flashbacks on the concert or just enjoyed reading this story hehe!
Take care!