Dealing with Long Distant Friendship 

I was thinking of doing a simple makeup tutorial since I planned on doing that, but I decided to postpone that until next time and concentrate on something that has recently affected my life.
Most of us know the hardships or just the general idea of having a long distant relationship as focused more for lovers. But, not a lot of us talk about having a close friendship with someone. Whether that be moving to a different college, or going back home away from where you are.
I am currently feeling a sadness yet a neutral reaction to this. (Here’s my story~)
I have a friend who we met for only 5 months, not even a year yet. Having met this person has given me a lot of opportunities for meeting new types of people and letting myself grow more. She made me feel like a positive person which I was grateful for. I didn’t know much about her at first though. To be honest, we had a language barrier between us. She wasn’t very great at English and spoke to me in a very choppy language. I never spoke Korean, so my Korean was very choppy as well but we still managed to get very close to this being in the way. We would usually make eye contact or whenever we will speak we will speak in a simple enough vocabulary. Here and there we would tell each other new words to learn from so that’s how we both grew close. With that our connection got stronger and we both became very close. Then one month before her departure she told me that she had to leave back to Korea, since coming here was just a temporary thing and I guess she didn’t plan to stay here for that long, to begin with. So she left this month, I knew I was going to cry but I tend to exaggerate about me crying and end up not crying after all haha. But this wasn’t the case, I told her she was a great friend to me and well the tears began to well up haha. Not my best look, but anyways days passed so far and we still keep in great touch.
This is just some things we do so we can still maintain the same relationship we both had when she was here. I hope you enjoy these, even if it’s just small things~

1. Call/Facetime/Text
These may simple, but I am the type of person who sucks at texting and would rather call than text haha. Do whichever one you guys are comfortable with. But for me, I call her and enjoy hearing her voice and the stories we tell to each other.
2. Send Goodie Bags
Considering that we both live a far from each other, one thing that we started doing is sending each other goodies. She would send me snacks and K-pop goodies hehe and I would send her snacks and other small goodies. Doing this not always but occasionally will be very cute to do with your friends.
3. Watch a tv show together
This is something I am currently doing with my friend haha we constantly talk about the tv show that we are watching together. You can do that or have a small book club miles away, read the same book and talk about all the gossip~ I do that whenever I want to be closer to my friends.
4. Send Pictures
I mean we most of us have Snapchat so you can just do it there haha, but my friend doesn’t. So whenever we text, she would send me pictures of what she is eating or buying over there. She will give me news about what is happening over there and I will do the same, it’s a nice touch~
5. Save Money
Here me out here, if you are adventurous like me you would definitely enjoy this one. Save money to buy a ticket over there! Go visit your friend! Considering that my friends living back in Korea which is literally the opposite side of where I live haha So I decided, that I am saving up money to be like to visit her next year! And it’s not impossible to do, so I suggest you do the same! This also means I have to learn Korean haha which I don’t mind…because like *cough k-pop cough*

Hope you enjoyed these small tips and ideas to be able to stay connected with a friend for you~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Till next time!