Sweet Cafe Eye Makeup

Hey, Guys!
This is my first ever makeup look ever! so if it’s messy…bare with me. I’m currently getting the hang of this haha~ I decided since this is my first time, let me just concentrate on the eyes since that’s the most important feature~
I feel like this is so bad, omg I will make it up by creating another blog post about something else really soon since I feel like this eye makeup is a mess….like my life…but that’s another topic haha~
Anyways rant over!
Let’s begin!

These are the products that I will be using:

Here Are The Steps:

After that go outside and dominate the world! Ahhh~ This was a very simple and quick makeup if you guys are ever in a rush and need a little something sweet in your eyes~
This concludes my small makeup tutorial. I will definitely do it better next time~ If you guys do these types of blogs annually leave your website below so I can check it out and get inspired more~
I will continue to grow more on this website, so let us dominate the world together~
Until next time!!
Have a wonderful day or night!