Mini Rant & Finals


The time comes when all students are stressed and sleep deprived because of the education system we have…well most of us…
But you are not alone since I too am suffering like everyone else…
Sad Story.
Anyways, that’s pretty much the reason why I have been m.i.a last week, but oh boy have my finals just started…
Off track again…
So the point of this was pretty much a mini-rant into my stressful like as a student, at this point I’m ready to write a letter to one of my professors for being so unorganized this whole semester that by just reading her assignments I get stressed out, not understanding what she means! Be more clear on your writing lady!!!
And during times like this, I want to curl in my bed and rethink my whole life choices I made throughout my whole life to bring me to this point in life when all my professors enjoy making me cry.
What a wonderful life, but I always think….it could be worse.
And I begin to do some remedies to help me feel grounded to myself.
Here are some things I enjoy doing while I am rethinking my life:

1. Go treat yourself: By this, I mean not buying yourself something expense, maybe by just buying your favorite snack or food and enjoy yourself savoring it or just by wearing whatever you decide to buy. It will make you enjoy the simple things in life much more~

2. Go read your books somewhere else: At this point, you are probably stuck in a small room trying to read your book that you need to study for the finals…well instead of that maybe go read a book outside so breathe some fresh air. Create a study group outside or at a friends house to feel in a different environment.

3. Complain: Being in good health will help you improve your grades and study efficiently. But there are times when your mind isn’t in the right place which makes you want to yell at the whole world…well I do sometimes and during those times I call up a friend and complain to them my whole situation. And if you don’t have anyone to rant, then here I am and I will listen.~

4. Scent: What I mean is by buying yourself a smell that you enjoy smelling and either buying that in a candle or perfume. Having a nostalgic smell when you do work helps the mind feel more at ease~ I recently bought a perfume that reminds me of my childhood and whenever I wear it, I feel at home. So buy yourself a candle, perfume or an air freshener to remind you how wonderful life is.

5. Have something to look forward to: Now I know summer seems likes it is far away at times but if you have plans during the summer and you just can’t wait till then. Then let that be your motivation to study and do well on your finals. Have a countdown to the event that you look forward to and let that push you. Plus it will get you even more pumped up for summer! I know for me is that I got Meet & Greet Tix to go see Monsta X! And also GD Tix!! That’s my only motivation to get through this month!!

6. Create a playlist: Whether songs to motivate you or just calming songs to listen to, you have to have some sort of beat to help you get through the day! I will soon upload my kinds of music that I am listening in this month! Look forward to that!!

There it is my friends…my reminders to help me get through this…by the end of the week I am going to buy myself a boba drink because lately, I have been craving them…that’s going to be my treat myself drink hehe
Well, hope you enjoyed reading this!
Till next time,

p.s I believe in you if you are a student struggling right now! And if you already finished your finals then go treat yo self to something expensive! haha~ You deserve it! Let’s get through this together!