May Playlist~


Just as I promised, I am here again telling you about my May Playlist. This is the music that I am currently listening to, in order to keep myself from going wild because of finals…

Here are my top 10 bops:
(no particular order and once you click on the title it will open another page for you to enjoy it. Also, all credited to the artist and people who uploaded them. Give them love)

Talk about throwbacks but this song makes me feel like I have my sh*t together but in reality, I don’t haha This song is a collab made from the music gods because damn I am feeling them.

2. DEAN-풀어(Pour Up) //
Another collab but this time just Dean and Zico, but its still perfect. This song brings out a side I never knew I had 😉 hahaha!!! Oh man… why am I like this. But definitely check this song, very chill and free. Makes me feel less stressed about everything.

3. PSY – Love (ft. Taeyang) //
This song is so upbeat! It makes me in a very happy mood, the beat is perfect and their voices are so perfect together. I am so proud of them! And the lyrics are pretty deep and true… all we need is love~

4.수란 (SURAN) – 오늘 취하면 //
Another very chill song, Suran’s voice is so pleasing to hear….I enjoyed every bit of it. Go give her support! As you can tell most of the songs are very chill and also 창모 did a wonderful job doing a collab with her! She deserves more love than she gets~

5. IU(아이유)-Ending Scene //
   IU strikes me again! She makes me feel like my ex broke up with me and now I’m heartbroken. Even though its been ages since I’ve been in a committee relationship, IU surely makes you rethink your relationship hehe! The music video and her voice are as sweet as honey and I enjoyed her comeback this year! You go, girl!

6.  XYLØ – I Still Wait For You //
This is bop that makes me dance~ I’m not usually into this genre but this song makes me enjoy this type of music! I just discovered them as well! So if you are a fan of them give me some recommendations!

7. Phora – Sinner //
This song is very emotional and deep. I have no words to say about this artist because I respect him for creating such meaningful lyrics. Just check out this song if you are into rap and deep lyrics. So is his songs so just check this artist overall~

8. Coldplay – Everglow //
Coldplay creates such wonderful songs.  I wished I would have gone to one of their concerts when they were still touring but sadly I was broke…come back!! But this song makes you think about all the wonderful things life has to offer. I have no words as well but to enjoy this

9. Fall Out Boy – Young And Menace //
Honestly, I grew up with this group. I feel a deep connection with them and I got so excited to see that they are still creating new songs up till today. They inspired me and helped me grow. Seeing them do this type of music genre is wild but I love it!

10. Ed Sheeran – Happier //
   Ed Sheeran is super sweet and loveable. This song is wonderful and sad but the emotions that he shows while singing this is beautiful! I am proud of him, I also grew up with him and seeing how far he has gone makes me feel like a proud mother haha!

These are my top 10 songs that have been on reply with no regrets! I noticed that there isn’t a lot of upbeat songs like I usually listen to…mhmm…finals man, they change you hehe
Anyways! I hope you will have a wonderful week and just know that you did the best you can do! I believe in you! Go dominate the world~
Till next time,