Summer Vacation Checklist:


Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this year or who are finished with school and finals!! Hurray, you did it!
I decided it was about time I dedicated more of my time making some of my bucket list goals come true since I am very good at procrastinating so I decided that it’s time for me to pull up my pants, put on my shoes and go outside!~
I also want you to join me if you want, you can create your top 10 goals which are realistic to achieve and I will do the same.

Summer Bucketlist:
1. Write a script
2. Film/Edit a video
3. Go to a beach and watch the sunset
4. Dedicated a day of watching K-dramas and animes (lol)
5. Have a photoshoot with friends
6. Go to a cute cafe with my laptop and work
7. Write poems
8. Explore the city
9. Visit a different city
10. Go to a museum/zoo or aquarium

These are my set goals, and I hope you created yours as well so we can at least have a pleasant summer this year!!
I will keep you updated on which ones I have achieved along with other exciting plans I have waiting to share~
This took time considering that I was having trouble with my wifi this whole week! Argh! I will try my hardest to keep up and I already know what I want to do more in this blog!^^ I have more free time, so expect more daily content!
Have a great day!