Skincare Routine


Summer is here! Which means it’s a perfect time to show you guys what products I use during the summer time since I have more time to actually take care of my skin instead of splashing water in my face and using one cleanser which isn’t that much efficient. I use these products usually either daily or once a week~
Note that my skin is a combination, some areas get oily and some areas are dry. As well as my skin doesn’t have many blemishes so I am not 100% sure how some of these products will work with people who have acne scars or have common blemishes~
I tend to have pimples more in my forehead and currently one is sitting in my cheek…I should probably give it a name since it doesn’t seem to be leaving soon haha~


 1. Exfoliator (Optional//once a week)

I do this about once a week because doing it every day is damaging to the skin. The reason being is that it really cleans your skin from all the dead skin cells, dirt spot care, and removing the blackheads and if one does it constantly then it could lead to very sensitive skin and/or getting a bad reaction to this. I tend to do this when I know the air has been very dirty or I just don’t feel comfortable with my skin, so I rely on this bottle to help me cleanse my skin. Once you apply this, it doesn’t smell which is nice if you don’t like the smell on some bottles. It’s clear and it comes out in a jelly consistent feel, when you start applying it on your skin and do it in a circular motion you will start to feel lumps forming which is all the dirt being cleared off your face.

  2. Face Wash For the Pores (Optional//Once a week) 

     Now this is also optional but I do enjoy doing it to my skin, if I know my pores are acting up and want to show but I am like “no, not today” I rely on this to calm my pores down~ This does have a small odor, it isn’t a pleasant smell either but it does work nicely if you want to calm a numerous amount of pores. Once you apply it on your face it is not smoothly and does go in a bit harsh but not anything severe that it will hurt your skin. Once you wash it off though it will leave the skin in a very matte and hard feel, so if you like the result being a baby skin feel then this product is a no-no on your end. But the results work on perfectly so if you want to try it out go ahead! It works nicely to calming down pores.

3. Cleansing the face (Everyday)

I use this bad boy every single day, it works perfectly on my skin and leaves no irritation at all, it does not smell that strongly at pomegranate but it does have a small hint of a sweet smell to it. Once you apply it to your face its very smoothly, like putting on lotion on your skin and then washing it off is very smoothly as well. It leaves the skin very soft at the end so I have no complaints on this one, would recommend if you have the same skin type as mine because I don’t think it will do much justice if you want to calm down acne or irritation to it. It’s just a nice feeling of removing extra makeup that wasn’t washed off properly and leaving the skin nice and moisturized.

4. Toner/Cleanser (Everyday)

With this, I use it once I am done cleansing my skin or if I am in a rush then this works both as a toner and a cleanser for your skin. The odor for this is somewhat strong and it isn’t a pleasant smell but the results are amazing on this one. The reason being is that it also works wonders if you have acne spots, this product is strong when you have blemishes and will calm them down. I use this as a toner but whenever I get my spots, using this will calm them down. It also leaves the skin tone to become evenly and does not leave the skin oily as its mentioned. I also got this as a big size in a drugstore so it was definitely at a cheap price.

Oil-Free Witch Hazel// $9

5. Acne Solution (Optional//Once a week)

When I start to stress that is when I begin to have mini pimple friends forming all over my forehead and chin. They enjoy making me stress even more which the solution to calming them down is by using this Acne Solution product in those areas. The smell is very sweet for this one but I do enjoy the smell, you can definitely smell the product by just opening the cap. It’s also a very clear and white pasty look on the skin. It also leaves a smooth surface to it once you wash it off, leaving a nice result on the skin and does work on ending present and future pimples from forming.

5. Face Mask (Somedays) 

Now once I apply everything that needs to be applied I enjoy finishing the night with a face mask that I have. These aren’t that important to recommend since I change the masks that I use daily. I can’t say much about this since for me it just moisturizes or tightens my face. Do as you wish but play around and buy different face masks! They are always fun to do with friends/siblings or just for yourself!

Face Mask// $2-10


6. Moisture Cream (Everyday)

This is self-explanatory but this lotion is small and simple to use, it’s just for sun blocking and controlling the oils I have on my T-zone. I wouldn’t recommend this because it doesn’t seem to do the job of oil control, even though mine is just in the T-zone area so I can imagine it not working for others who want more of the oil control all over the face. Now thinking about it, this bottle doesn’t say how much protection it has lol Anyways this isn’t the best product out there. You can do better by searching up others, but at the moment im just waiting to finish this bottlet to be able to use others~


Oil Control Sun Cream// $10


These are the products which I tend to use daily, I hope you get some inspiration from them or want to try the products that I use~
I hope you have a wonderful day or night!
Till next time!