Moonlight Eye-Makeup

Hello, Everyone!!

For this makeup look, I decided to focus more on a dark feeling~
Last time I did a sweet and light makeup, I wanted to have fun and play around with more darker colors. These colors remind me of something you will usually wear a night out or just because those colors will look so good on you for any occasion! You do you, girls! I hopefully improved also on the way for me to show you this look haha~
I used mostly dark-toned colors so get your palettes ready!
FYI I am also growing my eyebrows since I want them to be thicker rather than having bald spots haha so ignore my furry eyebrows, and this will be my second attempt in doing an eye makeup look. I didn’t include any brush materials that I use because it was the same as the ones I did before in the other look but if not then use the brushes you have 🙂
Also, you don’t have to use exactly the products I am using, just do colors similar to that.
Get your music playlist ready and enjoy doing this look~

Let us get started!!

What You Need: 
Or similar materials 🙂

1. Conceal
I just applied the cc cream all over my face to conceal my panda eyes, s/o to Ryan for always having my back haha~

2. Tape & Base
I forgot to add this, but what helps me make my eyeliner as well as the makeup to stay more in control is by putting a strip of tape from the end of my eye to the corner of the end of my eyebrows~
From there you will pick out a shimmery dark pink shade and apply it all over the eyelid~
Make it pop!

3. Smoke it out
From here you will then pick either a shimmery or matte purple color and grab a blending brush, making it to the outer V and just smoke it out~

4. Eyeliner
This is when the tape comes more in handy~
I used the NYX eyeliner first to create the shape that I wanted my eyeliner to look like since the brush size is so thin. Then I used the elf eyeliner since the brush was thicker to fill it in~

5. Shimmer it more
Then I proceeded to remove the tape I had and fix my eyeliner more~
For this, I then just used my finger or small brush and dipped my finger in the shimmer eyeshadow. Then added it to the inner corners of my eyes~

6. Lower Eyeliner 
I used the eyeliner which is very pigmented and applied it under my eyes. Then I made the eyeliner smoke out a little more outside creating a bottom eyeliner wing. Now it made it look like I have two wings~

7. Last Touch
Then I just added mascara and then touched up on my highlights on my brow bone and in my cheeks~


Hurray we did it!
Or if you just saw the pictures then we are done here haha~
Hope you enjoyed this small eye makeup look~
Rock this look and go dominate the world!
Have a wonderful day
Till next time,