V’s Guide to Warped Tour & Festivals

Hello, Guys!!

For this post, I wanted to give you guys tips on how to be able to best manage yourself in Warped Tour~
I’ve been going for quite a long time yet it wasn’t till recently when I was able to manage and bring everything I needed in order to create the best memory I had in Warped. I do have some knowledge I would like to share with you whether it be for Warped Tour or in any other festival/concert overall. These are common things that one tends to forget but it’s very important to remember or carry when something crazy might happen. Because let’s be honest here…mosh pits are fun but deadly at the same time haha~
I will focus more on what to have for a festival but some of these things can be applied for a normal concert.
Let Us Begin!

Festival Checklist:
well sounds simple but I know people that got too excited and forgot about them…

//Venue Map//
Usually, they have them online or once you enter the venue and you can check which stage and artist you want to see ahead of time so you can find the perfect spots to be in.

Bring everything out of these because people might not be able to accept card or vice-versa. I’ve also had experience with that… no fun

I mean…turn up with those drink haha~ 

//Carry a drawstring bag//
DO NOT carry a normal backpack or a small purse there is a 60% likely they would open your backpack and steal your stuff..trust me I’ve had my experience with that also…Some people are just so rude…

//Portable Batteries//
Have at least more than 2, if you are coming in a group and make sure you guys all bring your connectors so you won’t have to share haha~

//Hygiene & Makeup//
By this I mean bring small wipes and sanitizers because I’ve known bathrooms or been in sticky situations where I needed to clean my hands from the nastiness of being in a festival. As well if you are a girl, this can go with bringing your small makeup pouch and do not forget to also get bobby pins and hair ties! also another pouch for your emergencies(:

//Set a Location//
For any reason, if your phone isn’t working or you just don’t have it with you set up a location to meet up in the festival to be able to find each other faster in case of emergencies when you guys all end up splitting up.

//Snacks & Water// 
Some festivals might not allow food inside but others will, so just look up the rules of bringing snacks or water to stay hydrated and well throughout the festival. I don’t want you to end up fainting like others do when they lack water.

//Heat Protection//
Wear sunscreen when you are about to go to the location as well as carry a small one around to help you not have a bad burn. Bring cheap sunglasses, if you want or wear a hat you wouldn’t mind saying goodbye too since mosh pits can be very…messy. But if it’s in a most pit friendly area then work those sunglasses haha~

You know how artists also enjoy lingering around in the crowd sometimes(; know the locations where you will usually see a lot of people surrounding that area then casually stay there or be around that area just in case you can potentially spot one~ Keep in mind also if you want an autograph I know venues don’t usually allow marker or sharpies and I wouldn’t recommend this but I am guilty of stuffing a sharpie and hiding it in my bag hahaha!! I spotted artists walking around and keep in mind that they are also there to enjoy the music so give them space once you get your picture or whatever 🙂 

//Phone Storage/Camera//
Again check the regulations to see if they accept or decline certain types of cameras and if they just don’t allow cameras at all then clear and backup every photo you have currently so when you take videos or photos, you will have storage to keep them.

Besides all the fun artists and stalking of artist, remember to take breaks to eat and/or go to the bathroom and if you really want to be organized schedule times where there isn’t anything happening to do that and also buy merch:)

//Small Emergencies//
This just includes a bag carrying band-aids in case you end up getting blisters, and hair ties to get your hair out of the way too~

+ Only for people who are going to Warped Tour
Remember to bring 5 cans or $5 or an old device to recycle it and get to cut everyone in line to be one of the first ones to enter 🙂
Also, check if the band will do a meet and greet which will be likely and go check what tent they will be in order for you to get your wristband since its limited.
They also give you the option to donate blood in exchange for VIP tickets so go check that out on their website!
Hopefully, they will continue doing this ~

This concludes the end of this segment!
I hope you found these small tips useful in any way!
Remember to stay safe and hydrated!
Till next time!